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12+ hours of educational Minecraft content for kids, all for just R259.99!
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Educating the next generation using game-based learning!

What we do ⤸

Incidental learning is the core of our approach – learning while playing.  The natural curiosity of children leads them through our Minecraft Worlds, discovering the essential skills they need to navigate the online and offline world.  

How we do it ⤸

Custom-made Minecraft Worlds give kids aged 9 to 13 various exciting challenges and tasks, which they need to solve and complete. Along the way, they grasp all sorts of 21st century life skills, without even realising that they are learning.  

Gaming for good ⤸

We believe that kids can Game to Grow, learning whilst playing, using technology positively and enjoying good screen time.

How it Works


Because kids are guided within the game, and are highly motivated to complete the worlds, limited parental or teacher supervision is required.  


Using the award winning, virtual 3D Minecraft platform, custom-made Minecraft Worlds provide a unique learning experience.

Parent & Teacher Feedback

Quizzes are embedded into the Minecraft Worlds, enabling feedback to parents and teachers on what kids have leant while playing.

Learn Soft-Skills!

Problem Solving

Minecraft helps kids to cultivate a creative problem-solving mindset, turning problem-solving into a fun activity where failure is seen as a stepping stone to success.

3D Concepting

Minecraft promotes visuospatial reasoning skills, or learning how to manipulate objects in space in a way that helps them create dynamic structures. This is the basis for more abstract skills such as logical conclusions.

Imagination & Creativity

Minecraft is simply one of the most creative games out there, limited only by imagination!

Self-reliance, resilience and tenacity

Minecraft promotes a growth mindset, helping kids to feel comfortable experimenting, seeing failure as part of the creative learning process, and remaining motivated.

Organisation & time management

Completing Minecraft challenges, requires kids to plan ahead, as well as to prioritise the tasks needed to achieve their goal.


Minecraft promotes empathy education by requiring kids to examine the situation of Minecraft Villagers, put themselves “in their shoes”, and generate creative solutions that will best help them.

Want to find out more about how Minecraft has changed the learning environment?

Content Packs

Adventure Worlds

All 10 Worlds for just R259.99!

10 Minecraft Worlds

  • 12+ Hours of Learning Content
  • 10 Unique Minecraft Worlds
  • Lesson Instructions & Knowledge Quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion
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    Digital Safety Worlds

    Coming Soon!

    This course is still being developed

    We are developing an amazing series, all about digital device safety, and of course, all within Minecraft. Check back soon!

    All Our Worlds are Available For:

    Minecraft: Education Edition

    Minecraft: Java Edition

    Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

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